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Test Automation Development

Test Automation Development

SDET Technologies team is committed to delivering excellence in Software Testing through our test automation expertise. Our cost-effective Automation test solutions are robust enough to fit in per the product’s requirements. Critical business software is tested as part of an organizational process to verify its performance, quality, and reliability. SDET uses this testing to make sure that the functionalities of the product and the operational systems work as intended. Software testing in an organization aids in creating new development features that, in general, save the organization time and money by cutting down on overall maintenance costs. It also ensures that the newly developed feature is operating correctly and without any bugs. At SDET, we provide a Test Automation Development Service that is managed by a group of professionals who ensure the scope of the full product analysis, including load testing, security testing, usability testing, and more.

Our capabilities in Test Automation Development Include:-

  • Implementing Test Automation Solutions on top of open Source tools (preferred) though we have experts on tools available in market
  • Providing automated tests solutions with our trusted automation frameworks which helps meeting product timelines even with faster release cycles and vast test coverage
  • CI/CD Ready test solution
  • Enabling parallel test execution
  • Expertise in API, microservices, and UI automation, increasing the Test Automation coverage as we move ahead with the product development cycle
  • Writing the automation scripts for identified test cases/user stories, Recommendations for in-sprint Automation
  • Automated reports

Test Automation Development Tools and Frameworks

Selenium, Appium, TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber, JBehave, RestAssured, SOAP, Maven

Our SDET Tech team expertise in programming languages like Java, Groovy, Ruby, C-Sharp, JavaScript and Python to support the client requirement for their Test Automation needs

Experience with RPA tools for Test Automation

With support for industry design patterns like Keyword, Data, and Hybrid, SDET’s Test Automation Framework (TAF) is a tried-and-true, IP-led, tool-agnostic, platform-independent testing solution for automating complex business processes. This allows non-technical users to validate business processes automatically.

All of the most popular commercial and open source test tools, including:

  • Tools for CI Servers, such as Jenkins, Bamboo, and Travis
  • Tools for test management, such as TestLink, QA Complete, QTest, and HP ALM.
  • HP UFT, Selenium, Testcomplete, EggPlant, Ranorex, Appium, Cucumber, etc. are examples of test automation tools.

The Tech Test Automation Development Testing (TTADT) from SDET provides end-to-end application automation throughout the SDLC, improving testing efficiency. Thick-client (desktop), web-based, mobile, and other types of applications are supported by TTADT.

Benefits of SDET Tech Test Automation Development Services

The Test Automation Development Testing from SDETi offers support for extensibility, Service Virtualization, portability, forward integration, and just-in-time reporting that add value and result in a cost reduction of more than 50% for the design, execution cycle, and maintenance of automation. Utilizing SDET’s testing enablers and the resources created by the TA CoE, organizations were able to significantly reduce the amount of time spent developing their test automation framework, save more than 50% on the cost of developing test automation scripts, and reduce the amount of time spent on regression testing as a whole by more than 70%.

The businesses that have adopted SDET Tech Test Automation Development Testing continue to reap rewards like:

  • Intelligent test case tagging that facilitates execution based on “release objectives.”
  • Continuous integration testing using a variety of test data sources and top CI server solutions.
  • Compatibility with popular packaged solutions, thick-client, web, mobile, and ERP systems.
  • A sizable keyword repository for a shared, scalable knowledge base that encourages the reuse of useful libraries.
  • Dashboards that provide extensive visibility into project status, test execution data, and analysis reports.
  • Single point maintenance technique that shortens testing time and complicated operating costs while maximizing return on investment

Why choose us for Test Automation Development Services?

Better business outcomes are generated as quality is elevated by our clever testing technologies. They can increase productivity, shorten time to market, simplify knowledge management, and offer data-driven, real-time insights for ongoing CX and UX enhancement. For your corporate objectives, we’ll choose the best ones.