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Test Automation Development

Test Automation Development

SDET Technologies team is committed to deliver excellence in Software Testing through our test automation expertise. Our cost effective and Automation test solutions are robust enough to fit in as per product’s requirements. Our capabilities in Test Automation Includes:-

  • Implementing Test Automation Solutions on top of open Source tools (preferred) though we have experts on tools available in market
  • Providing automated tests solutions with our trusted automation frameworks which helps meeting product timelines even with faster release cycles and vast test coverage
  • CI/CD Ready test solution
  • Enabling parallel test execution
  • Expertise in API, microservices and UI automation, increasing the Test Automation coverage as we move ahead with product development cycle
  • Writing the automation scripts for identified test cases/user stories, Recommendation for in-sprint Automation
  • Automated reports

Tools and Frameworks

  • Selenium, Appium, TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber, JBehave, RestAssured, SOAP, Maven
  • Our SDET Tech team expertise in programming languages like Java, Groovy, Ruby, C-Sharp, JavaScript and Python to support the client requirement for their Test Automation needs
  • Experience with RPA tools for Test Automation