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Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

SDET Technologies is committed to provide the top notch quality, our mobile testers collaborate with the team to deliver the product which is compatible and acceptable on all kinds of portable devices. Our mobile test approach includes: –

Mobile Devices Selection

Device selection is one of the most important thing which is done by analyzing how the app needs to work. The apps can be tested on Emulators, Simulators and Cloud Emulators. However, Physical device testing cannot be avoided, as it allows up to 100% of test coverage and it gives the most realistic results view

Test Optimization

It is not possible to test the application on all devices so it becomes vital to follow the effective test optimization approach which provides the maximum coverage with limited testing on different screen sizes, OS, Browsers etc.

Testing on Varied Network speed

Applications may behave differently on varied network speeds. Therefore, testing mobile apps in real network environments is essential to get the real picture, to assess the behavior of the app in real mobile networks. Several network simulation tools are available to test mobile apps in various network speeds, bandwidths variations, etc., which can add great value to the testing activities.

Test on different mobile conditions

Testing on different mobile conditions includes Interrupt conditions, Installation conditions, Performance conditions and Device integration conditions

Automation testing on Mobile

Automating the application greatly reduces the manual and rigorous task in every release cycle. There are multiple popular tools for writing automated tests for Android and iOS and emulating user behavior in the application

Performance testing on Mobile devices

Script tests for mobile devices and execute tests in suitable environments like network bandwidth

Testing on Cloud

Cloud testing is another effective option to test mobile applications via Manual functional testing and Automation testing. It provides a web-based mobile testing environment where applications can be deployed, tested, and managed. A cloud-based testing environment provides real-time testing results, which means defects can be analyzed while the tests are running.

Effective Defect Reporting

It’s very important to mention device details which include OS details, Mobile configuration, Browser Details Screen size and logs of the mobile. This helps to identify, reproduce and rectify the issue