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In this age of digital transformation where business models are transforming digital, processes are speeding up to achieve efficiency, QE plays an essential role making this happen. The noticeable differentiator is sizable implementation of automation throughout the project life cycle.

The idea behind the KryptonScreen is to build one QE platform for all quality testing needed in different phases of SDLC. The tool is a product addressing the use cases that came out of collective years of experience.

The KryptonScreen is powered by intelligence and technology to best serve the Agile and DevOps world. The tool has different layers of information for various stakeholders as per their role and requirements, it segregates the pile of information into layers – Business, Architects and Tech teams.

KryptonScreen Flavors:

Krypton Blue:

Provides auto-generated dashboard for performance testing analysis, empowers all the stakeholders with ready to use information. It consists of various pages relevant to different stakeholders with processed information.

Krypton Green:

Empowered the stakeholders with enhanced test automation reports. It supports any existing framework without any additional code injection which make it low maintenance.

Key Features :

1. Success Rate and Pace Meter :

Gives overall result summary with SuccessRate and PaceMeter which depicts the overall success during test and speed of AUT.

2. Comparative Performance Status :

Based on historical data, shows the performance level changes with time or new builds.

3. Root-Cause/Failure Analysis :

KryptonScreen intelligently finds out the required data for root-cause and possibly the exact root cause which reduces a lot of efforts, a big relief to well known pain point.

4. Performance SLA Violations :

List out the areas where particular user actions does not meet expectations.

5. Comparison of different tests executions :

Ability to compare results from two different tests and provides deltas.

6. Sortable Aggregate report table :

Performance aggregate reports can be sorted with any key value in desired order.

7. Various graphs :

Response Times Over Time, Hits/Second, Response Codes Over Time and many other graphs for analysis.

8. Integration with CI/CD tools :

Easy integration with CI/CD tools like Jenkins to support delivery pipelines.

9. Open to integrate with server monitoring tools :

Feature to fetch data from monitoring tools for server side metrics.