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Agile Testing

Agile Testing

Our Team of Agile testers work in full collaboration with the product team to deliver the best product with faster QA cycles and results. Key pointers include

Continuous QA

Start as early as possible to explore the application, write and execute test cases, encounter gaps in requirements and provide continuous feedback

Seamless Interaction

Continuous interaction with stakeholders facilitates in better understanding of stakeholders’ needs. Pairing-up with Developers remove any change of errors and helps the QA in good understanding the product and write the effective test cases

Self-Organizing and cross-functional Team

Self-organizing team has the ability to establish a way of working together and responsibility for making decisions about what is built to deliver value to customers. cross-functional teams share knowledge between team members and help each other to resolve conflicts

Risk Analysis

An important aspect of any QA process is risk analysis. It’s highly unlikely for an application to be 100% bug free, but a dedicated Agile QA team always attempts to remove or prevent the most problematic bugs

In-Sprint Automation

Best team goes with In-Sprint Automation. In-sprint automation gives the maximum coverage, reduces the test cycle time and provides quicker feedback