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Performance and Load Testing

Performance and Load Testing

Our Performance testing experts at SDET Tech drive the complete end to end performance testing solutions for your requirements to deliver the high performing product on production. Our process includes: –

  • Selection of best suited tools based on  product’s requirement
  • Selecting business & performance impacting scenarios
  • Various performance tests – Load test, Stress/Scalability test, Endurance/Stability tests
  • Server side performance and health monitoring, even with auto-scaling test scenarios
  • Performance Test developers create intelligent & robust scripts
  • Data analysis using Google analytics/production logs to understand actual usage of the site and apply the weighting of various user scenarios
  • Gathering valuable Performance test Data and setting-up & verification of the Performance Test infrastructure
  • Performance Test Execution on cloud to replicate the real traffic of different geographies
  • Performance test monitoring & analysis
  • Effective Reporting that gives clear picture to all product stakeholders – using our in-house developed tool
  • Fit in CI/CD (With solutions to start Performance testing in early phase)
  • Debugging and helping in finding performance bottlenecks
  • Recommendation for the identified issues and helping team to fix those issues


JMeter, LoadRunner, Gatling, Bzm – Taurus

Monitoring tools

Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Logic Monitor, AppNeta, Splunk