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Performance and Load Testing

Performance and Load Testing

Our Performance testing experts at SDET Tech drive the complete end-to-end performance testing solutions for your requirements to deliver the high-performing product on production. The speed of your app and its performance are essential to the success of your product. To ensure you can provide a faultless client experience, we professionally evaluate application performance at heavy loads and measure, validate, and verify operational capabilities. We guarantee your business-critical applications’ dependability, responsiveness, and constant performance, as well as the steady system behavior that is essential to the success of your brand. To find bottlenecks early in the SDLC, we also integrate performance engineering into your CI/CD process. With the help of our committed experts, who have years of knowledge creating performance tests for apps that are developed on a unique, robust strategy, you can ensure your performance. We are skilled at carrying out performance testing with both open-source tools like JMeter and commercial products like LoadRunner, NeoLoad, and many others.

Our Performance and Load Testing Process Includes:

  • Selection of best-suited tools based on product’s requirement
  • Selecting business & performance impacting scenarios
  • Various performance tests – Load test, Stress/Scalability test, Endurance/Stability tests
  • Server-side performance and health monitoring, even with auto-scaling test scenarios
  • Performance Test developers create intelligent & robust scripts
  • Data analysis using Google analytics/production logs to understand actual usage of the site and apply the weighting of various user scenarios
  • Gathering valuable Performance test Data and setting up & verifying the Performance Test infrastructure
  • Performance Test Execution on the cloud to replicate the real traffic of different geographies
  • Performance test monitoring & analysis
  • Effective Reporting that gives a clear picture to all product stakeholders – using our in-house developed tool
  • Fit in CI/CD (With solutions to start Performance testing in early phase)
  • Debugging and helping in finding performance bottlenecks
  • Recommendation for the identified issues and helping the team to fix those issues.


The stakeholders are informed via performance testing regarding the speed, scalability, and stability of their application. We have created cutting-edge, clever technologies that increase the effectiveness of testing, data management, and knowledge management while also offering priceless insights into your company’s operations. We are using the following tools to test real time environment performance of your software and applications.

JMeter, LoadRunner, Gatling, LoadNinja, K6, Blazemeter, NeoLoad

Monitoring Tools

Dynatrace, Splunk, Logic Monitor, AppDynamics, Grafana, New Relic , AppNeta, Splunk

Benefits of SDET Tech Performance and Load Testing Services

Your web application can benefit from load testing in a number of ways. The following are some key benefits of load testing web applications:
  • Reduces the expense of failure- Load testing services enables you to detect the problems before your web app goes into a production environment. As a result, it is considerably easier to resolve these issues and you don’t need to pay the costs of post-launch error removal.
  • Enhancing Scalability- Software problems like inefficient resource use and memory leaks result from poorly handling concurrent users. Software development teams can determine the operational capability of an application through load testing. They may quickly determine the modifications required to increase the product’s scalability once they are aware of the system’s constraints.
  • Greater satisfaction of customers- performance testing services helps software teams identify problems related to delayed response time and software quality. Since software teams detect these issues before the release of the application, they are able to resolve those issues before production. Customers can enjoy a greater level of user satisfaction due to load testing.
  • Reduces the Chance of System Downtime- Testing professionals can replicate real-world app usage under changing pressures by using load and stress testing. The system can identify problems that lead to outages when it is subjected to more traffic. As a result, issues are simpler to fix before they result in system outages, and there is generally less chance that this will happen.
  • Recognize inefficient code- Your product will not efficiently use resources if it has complexly designed code. However, these flaws are challenging to find under normal conditions, thus load testing is required to find these problems.
  • Verify the software’s core capabilities- An important element of creating successful software is having a strong software foundation. Business leaders can make important decisions regarding the software configuration by evaluating the performance of fundamental software features.

Why choose us for Performance and Load Testing Services?

SDET is one of the top firms for performance testing services, and we load test apps, software, and websites to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. The qualities that set us apart include:
  • Professionals with experience and training in testing who can provide exceptional services.
  • Quicker turnaround to enable the quicker release of the application, piece of software, or website being tested.
  • Detailed reports offer in-depth examination of the application, programme, or website and contain details about the maximum load the product can handle as well as the likelihood of probable crashes.
  • Best testing solutions at affordable costs.
  • Performance and load testing is conducted using tried-and-true techniques and industry-accepted best practices.